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Some Countries Around Germany

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country that should not me missed on your travel to Germany. The very first thing that comes to mind on the mention of Czech Republic is the mystical city of Prague. Being the capital of Czech Republic, Prague is the number one holiday destination in Europe. This city will charm you with its winding roads and structures that boast varied architecture. Other small cities and towns in Czech Republic are well known for its museums, cathedrals and theatre.

Switzerland and Austria

Germany, Austria and Switzerland feature as a popular Euro Trip amongst world travelers. Switzerland can easily be termed as the heaven on earth. This place is filled with natural and scenic vistas and offers a gamut of activities and attractions for the visitors. The Rhine falls in Zurich is a hidden treasure that will truly amaze you. Interlaken and Lucerne is filled with history and the beautiful swan filled lakes and tulip kissed flower beds are a treat to all the senses. Don’t miss the night life in Geneva. Also the United Nations Headquarters is a must visit. Austria is a summer vacation spot as it has a great combination of historical sites as well as scenic vistas.

Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

These countries on the western part of Germany are famous tourist destinations. Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) as it is popularly known, offers the visitors an experience that will be rich in culture and local flavors. France is indeed the most visited and loved country in the world of tourism. It symbolizes good food, luxury living, historical sites, art and culture.