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Friendly Frankfurt Greeting

Frankfurt is a modern city which houses many industries. For visitors who enjoy the bright lights, good food and drinks, the night life in has a lot to offer. Those who are more into art and culture have many museums and historical sites to visit. In Sachsenhausen, there is an area called Museumufer. One of the more famous museums is the Goethehaus und Goethemuseum, a museum dedicated to a famous German writer. Other important museums to see are the Deutsches Architektumuseum, the Stadel-Museum, the Deutsches Filmmuseum, Liebighaus, Judisches and Museum Giersch. Home to one of the best zoos in Europe – the Zoologischer Garten; Grueneburgpark is its biggest Park. If you are looking at flights you will also get to enjoy the local beer and apple wine or apfelwein. Pubs serving the best apfelwein put a pine wreath above the main door, so visitors know where to go. Some of Frankfurt’s popular eats include Handkas mit Musik which is a raw onion, vinegar sorta and cheese combination served with bread. The wurstchen is another looked- forward-to meal. For those visitors who are looking for good shopping bargains, a Saturday morning flea market in the Museumsufer area can prove interesting.

As one of Europe’s most modern cities, besides its art galleries and museums, offers tourists many other interesting sights to visit. Places to explore would be the financial district of where you can find the head offices of large banks and companies. St. Leonhard’s Church and the Schauspiel Theatre are also popular tourist attractions. Over 200 international cities have direct flights to Frankfurt. Once you arrive in the city accommodation is available on all levels from posh 5-star hotels to budget accommodation which can be found in the Frankfurt suburbs.