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Berlin Attractions

Berlin is the focal point of the European history and culture. The city was the focal point during the World I and World War II. The city is filled with art galleries and museums that have large collections of the greatest artists.

Brandenburg Gate is the sign of Berlin. It was set up between 1788-1791. It split Berlin in two (Western Berlin and Eastern Berlin). On December 22th, 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate was once again opened.

The German parliament (Reichstag), constructed between 1884-1894 was destroyed by bombings at the end of The Second World War. It has been reconstructed in a creative way (today, the structure has a huge glass roof). Norman Foster is the artisan in charge with this task.

Various means of transportation are available like taxis, trams, trains and busses. After the cold war, Berlin got divided into two parts by the Berlin wall (which was later demolished, but there are still some remains in the southern part), hence there are two airports.

The famous hotels in Berlin Germany include Hotel plus Berlin, Excelsior Hotel Berlin, Hotel Kima, Hotel Berlin, NH Hotel Berlin Mitte and many more offer the finest services like Lounges, Spas, Swimming pool, international cuisines, Local delicacies and so on. Booking can be done through their websites or on the phone before your arrival.

Juedisches Museum: Juedisches Museum is a museum on Jewish and German history. It is always better to take a guide with you when you visit this museum.

Similarly, may more places like Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial, Museum Island, Victory Column, Red Town Hall and so on should be visited when in Berlin. In fact, these are the reasons to visit Berlin.

It is also an excellent idea to go to the Fernsehturm, or the “Television Tower,” when you are in Berlin. It is about 1200 feet tall. It has a platform for tourists where they can get a good view of the whole city. There is also a rotating restaurant where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal with your friends and family.