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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tips Backpacking Through Europe

Plan Ahead for Transportation

One of the worst ways your money will go down the drain is with transportation. You can avoid wasting your money if you plan out which countries you want to visit, and then travel to each one in a straight line so you do not double back unnecessarily. Consider using the Eurail passes if you will be travelling through several countries, but make sure they are worth your money. Just going from city to city and across one country will not be enough for the Eurail pass to be worth your time or money, so plan accordingly. Also, if you decide to fly to the various countries instead, planning ahead will help you in booking your flights early so they come out costing less.

What to Do About Food

If you are into the whole “do it yourself” deal, there are several little shops around Europe where you can buy ingredients for sandwiches, which will end up saving you quite a bit of money in the end. Go picnicking every day if you want! However, if that is just not your thing, you can also just eat at the local shops and street vendors. You can get the idea of the local cuisine without having to spend an arm and a leg at a bigger restaurant.

Drink on a Budget

Well, we all know that the people who enjoy backpacking through Europe the most are college students and recent graduates who feel like they have the world in the palm of their hands. These types of people also tend to love drinking alcohol. However, if you are planning on partying across Europe, think again: your pocketbook will be empty soon enough. Try going to the bars at the hostels, attend a happy hour, or just drink less to save money.

Be Safe

Backpacking through the various countries in Europe can also be an accident waiting to happen. You must be aware of the fact that you can wind up with a physical injury by being on the go with your belongings on your back for several days or weeks. That is why you should be as careful as you can, and you should definitely look into getting backpacker travel insurance. Investing in this type of coverage will give you peace of mind.

Be Healthy when Travelling in European

Be Active:

While it may be tempting to take it easy on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour , tourists should maximize their activity by exploring European cities by bike or foot. Exercising will help to keep off travel weight gain and boost endorphins to increase tourists’ overall moods. Mike’s Bike Tours in Munich is a fun bike excursion for those traveling to Berlin. Participants first listen to a historical presentation of the city from the company’s entertaining tour guides. Afterwards, the riders embark on their four-hour journey, making pit stops at several beer halls, the Englischer Garten Chinese Tower, and the Schwabing neighborhood.

Don’t Stress:

It is easy for travelers to stress over the monetary expenses of traveling. However, knowing that there are tons of free things to do in every European city can help alleviate these undesirable stresses. For example, the Piazza Di Spagna in Rome is a popular Spanish square that is most celebrated for its Spanish Steps, which lead to the impressive Trinita dei Monti church and an incredible view of the city. The steps attract both tourists and native Italians alike, and the steps are architecturally impressive.

Eat Your Vegetables:

Food options can be limited while traveling, and vacationers are inclined to indulge in rich local delicacies and dishes. However, travelers can still eat well while acquiring a taste of local cuisine. Take La Boqueria ¬- one of the most famous food markets in the world – for example. Located on Les Ramblas in the center of Barcelona, La Boqueria attracts a variety of food enthusiasts, including locals and travelers alike. This bustling marketplace offers fresh Spanish produce, exotic spices, nuts, and meats. Additionally, this area has excellent dining options, including El Quim, located in the middle of the meat market, and Organic Market, famous for its organic salads and wraps.

Take Time to Relax

Over Planning can make a day of sightseeing feel like one long “to-do list” as well induce unnecessary stress. Travelers manage their time by exploring the most highly prioritized places first. Also, vacationers should take time out of their tourist days to simply relax. For all travelers voyaging to Germany this summer, there are tons of relaxing things to do in Berlin. A unique destination is Strandbar Mitte – a fun beach bar located in the middle of the city on the banks of the Spree, Berlin’s main river. During the day, Strandbar Mitte is a scene of people relaxing on the sand or in beach chairs with beers in hand. By nighttime, the party moves to the bar, and patrons can dance to the DJ’s beats on a sand-covered dance floor.

Cheap Flights To Duesseldorf

One of the sights that you should see once you get off your cheap flights to Duesseldorf is the Old Town also known as the Altstadt. This is a famous destination in the city. It was almost entirely devastated during the 2nd World War but was later reconstructed to its original form. The Altstadt now looks the same way it did before it got ravaged by the war. Every house on this part of the city was rebuilt based on its original design. Nowadays, the Altstadt is a famous shopping area. The nightlife there is also worth booking cheap flights to Duesseldorf. It is considered to be “the longest bar in the world” because scattered on its one square kilometre area are 260 bars, brewing houses and coffee shops. The area is also known for the Altbier, a famous local fermented, dark beer. The historical brewing joints serve the best version of this famous beer. So if you are a huge fan of beer then you should definitely taste this one by booking cheap flights to Duesseldorf.

The Tailor Wibbel Lane is one of the many must-see sights in Duesseldorf. Every tourist should pay it a visit on their cheap flights to Duesseldorf. The Tailor Wibbel Lane is a small lane in the heart of the old town. It connects the Flingerstrasse and the Bolkerstrasse. This tiny lane is filled with bars and restaurants that serve a perfect combination of Spanish and American cuisine. The lane was named after Tailor Wibbel, the main character in the theatrical play created by Hans Mueller Schlosser back in 1913. A sculpture created in honor of this famous fictional character was built near the tip of the equally famous Tailor Wibbel Lane. Be sure to keep an eye out for the mouse as you carfully examine the sculpture.

The Burgplatz is an equally famous tourist destination in the city. Tourists on cheap flights to Duesseldorf always make it a point to visit this magnificent place. It is located in the old town right next to the Rhine. It was once the castle of the Earl of Berg and the Duke of Julich Kleve Berg. At one point in history, it was rebuilt into a baroque palace that was later razed to the ground by a huge fire in 1872. Only the tower remained after the fire which is now a navigation museum with a coffee shop overlooking the Rhine.

Going to Berlin with Bus

Berlin is an amazing city with a lot of attractions and historical landmarks. In this article we will show you some of the most famous attractions in Berlin.

The one that you definitely can’t miss is the so called Brandenburger Tor. This was the city’s main gate and is one of the main symbols of Berlin and Germany. It is a monumental entrance to the boulevard Unter den Linden (under the limes) that leads to the Castle of the Prussian monarchs. Only a few meters away across the road is the building of the Reichstag. The Gate has 12 Doric columns – 6 columns each side, and that way the 5 entrances are created. In the past the citizens were only allowed to use the two outside entrances. On top of the gate there is a cart with four horses and Victoria (roman goddess of victory).

When we talk about Berlin we can’t miss the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was a concrete wall built by the German Democratic Republic (GDR). This wall was separating GDR from West Germany and West Berlin. The wall had security towers and devices stopping cars from passing. Before the wall was built more than 3.6 million East Germans cross the border and go to West Berlin. The wall was stopping the immigration before it was destroyed on the 23rd of August 1989. Today many visitors go to the celebration that is every year on the same date.

The last place I am going to list in this article is the Berlin Cathedral. Berlin Cathedral is an impressive basilica well known under the name ”Protestant St. Peter”. Today’s Baroque Architecture is only 100 years old. Before the cathedral at the same place many other buildings existed. It is 114 meters long and 73 meters wide. The dome of the cathedral is decorated with very impressive and interesting mosaic. The dome of the cathedral offers an amazing view. To get to there though you will need to climb 270 steps. Unlike other cathedrals the stairs to the dome in this cathedral are very wide and there are a lot of places for rest. On the way to the dome there are many interesting art works and photograph that you can see. One very important place in the cathedral is the crypt. In the crypt there are over 80 sarcophaguses of noble Prussian Royals.